The technology inside the OSANA system

Osana System 1

A number of technical details make the OSANA unique among mansonry heaters. Many years of research was necessary to develop a system that in terms of durability, flexibility, flow technology, storage capacity, ease of installation, consistency seeks its equal. Numerous innovations in the field of stove-technology are already patented or patent pending. The manufacture of the components takes place in Germany, ensuring a consistently high quality standard.


In the area of the furnace, where about 1800 ° F are reached, we build the OSANA the most massively. 3.5 inches thick fire bricks are set in a tongue and groove technique and stapled in addition, heat conducting plates increase the density. Thanks to the optimized static the rounded and streamlined vaulted ceiling has a high mechanical load capacity. 

Osana System 2

In the flue-area special chamotte parts reduce the temperature targeted. Therefore there is a set of custom designed and rounded flue components to set up. Their construction diversity make almost any design of the stove possible. Worth mentioning is also the remarkable OSANA cleaning system easy to install without cutting and drilling. With the grooved structure of the brick sheathing-stones the plastering clinges strong and perfect. 


For our other systems OSARIS, EASY & FIRE, RED FLAME BLOCK and QUADRINO we constucted similar refinement.