That's what we're proud of: The 5 OSA Stove Systems

Osana Grundofen Systemtl_files/layout/filler.gifOsaristl_files/layout/filler.gifEasy & Firetl_files/layout/filler.gifRed Flame Blocktl_files/layout/filler.gifQuadrino

OSANA - our biggest system with the highest heating power. This system is the most flexible configurable system within our lineup. Various extensions as Water Box, etc. can be used.


With this system you can get a realisation of almost any design solution you can imagine.


The OSANA system is fully integrated in your building and can also set up to heat multiple rooms and floors.  


OSARIS - our Luxury Designer Solution. For Medium heating power. With the OSARIS Online configurator you can combine the various stove forms, materials and colors - like configuring a car.

OSARIS is a free standing solution so you can also take the system with you when you are moving. 

OSARIS shares the heating core with the EASY&FIRE system. It's a high power heating core with certificates from renowned institutes. 


EASY&FIRE uses the same highly efficient core like the OSARIS - but here the system is integrated in your home / building. 

The design is completely individual for each system. While OSARIS is a free standing solution EASY&FIRE is a built-up solution within your walls. It can also reach several rooms. 

Like the OSARIS the heating core is highly efficient with a output power a little below the big OSANA system.


RED FLAME BLOCK is our little heating block for the very price-sensitive customer. 

You want to combine the quality of a real "Grundofen" but have a very limited budget? Take a look at the RED FLAME BLOCK concept that also is fully integrated in your room / building and thus makes a completely individual design possible. 


Our QUADRINO system is a designer version of an free standing stove with special elements storing the heat and making it a more comfortable feeling of heat than just with a "normal" fireplace. 

QUADRINO is also a very attractive system regarding the price but of course not that powerful than OSANA, EASY&FIRE or OSARIS. 

Today individuality and self-realization rule all over. This can also be seen in multiple living situations. To match these various needs OSA designed 5 Stove systems that will fit from Single Living to the big familiy home - from a quite low budget up to the utmost luxurious solution.